• Date: Aries 03/21 - 04/20
  • Characteristics: If something stands out from these natives it is their impulsiveness, not in vain they are a sign of fire, dominated by Mars, and their nature is fiery and dynamic. He does not usually wait for events, he rushes over them and of course, he is impatient, which often leads him to make decisions too quickly. He is optimistic and sincere and values ​​friendship as a sacred good.


bit of confusion sets in as the circumstances begin to change. Don`t worry -- it isn`t all in your head! Someone else is being irrational, and there`s not much you can do about it. Responding in kind only adds fuel to the fire. If you really try, you can find the will to rise above it. Draw on the wisdom of those who`ve already been through this. Talking to an older friend or relative can do a lot to soothe your nerves. Make a long-distance call tonight or send a letter that`s long overdue.


You make positive first impressions wherever you go. A stranger is bowled over by your utter wonderfulness. Your expertise is the given factor on which other events are based. As soon as you`re done soaking up all this applause, it will be time to swing into action. This is a good time to impress a boss or colleague with your broad range of knowledge. A raise or promotion may be in the works if you are in the right place at the right time.


Get out there and face the day head-on, Aries. Physical activity makes you feel alive and in charge. this is a great time to join a gym or sign up to play in an intramural sports league. Don`t worry about your skill level -- just go for it! Now is also a good time to complete small, satisfying tasks around the house. Clean out the garage or rearrange the furniture. A change in scenery will do you good. This evening is better for first dates than it is for the more serious stages of courtship.

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