• Date: Gemini 05/21 - 06/22
  • Characteristics: Air sign, the most dual of the zodiac, with a true double personality full of often mysterious contrasts. Due to this duality, he often suffers from indecision and insecurity. It is difficult for him to concentrate on a single task and it is very contradictory in his reactions, but he is able to attend to many questions at the same time and has an exceptional gift to communicate as well as to adapt to circumstances.

Gemini TODAY

Try not to take it to heart if no one jumps when you ask them to do so. Take the time to analyze what this idea may need. Is what you`re offering too good to be true? Just because you wish it to be doesn`t automatically make it so. Times are changing, and others are keeping their cards close to their chests. If you are trying to change careers or another major aspect of your life, get ready to make a plan.


Get ready for that light bulb to flash on over your head today, Gemini. You are deeply moved when you finally hear what someone has been telling you for a long time. You can`t for the life of you figure out why you`ve been in denial about it for so long. Putting complete trust in your partner allows you to take a big risk, but the payoff is well worth it. Let your adventurous spirit loose tonight and see where it takes you. Take the bus or train past your usual stop just to see where it goes.


You are in high demand today as word gets around that you have an interesting outlook on something important. If the idea people are smart, they will include you in a creative development meeting. Your brain is in overdrive. Your wit and curiosity know no bounds. A brainstorming session is likely to produce more creative ideas than you or anyone else could possibly make use of. This is a day when you are likely to surprise yourself. Tonight your special wish comes true, and all seems right in the world of romance.

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