• Date: Pisces 02/20 - 03/20
  • Characteristics: He is an excellent friend willing to help and do favors. He is sensitive, kind and intuitive and is usually correct in his judgments. They are affectionate and almost always sincere and peaceful. Water sign, dominated by Jupiter and Neptune, struggles too much with himself and has a tendency to loneliness. Live a very spiritual world and in love is usually very romantic and sentimental.

Pisces TODAY

Just when you had almost given up hope, something comes along to give you renewed inspiration. Today the in-crowd seems to accept you the moment you decide that you don`t need to be part of any group. New friends are eager for you to relax and feel welcome. Stop trying to figure out the reasons for the change in attitude and accept these new people for who they are. Sometimes self-confidence can be faked until it turns into the real thing.


Pay close attention to all of the warning signs alongside the road today. Head-on collisions can be easily avoided when you see the signals. Anger and ego demand satisfaction, but remember that it never lasts very long. Working toward a compromise reaps unexpected rewards. Tonight`s activities are best kept low-key. Read a good book or catch up on your correspondence.


Togetherness is the keyword today. If you had visions of spending time alone, you may as well face reality. Spend part of your day with parents, in-laws or other family members. Having a positive attitude will make the time pass by more quickly, and who knows -- you may even have some fun! Learn about their lives or have them remind you of your own early years. Sometimes you have to look back before you can move ahead. A special treat is headed your way tonight!

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