• Date: Sagittarius 11/21 - 12/21
  • Characteristics: He is a born adventurer who always looks ahead and has a dual nature that leads him to be highly evolved at times and very primitive at other times. Fire sign, dominated by Jupiter, does not like injustices or kinks. He is communicative, light-hearted and expansive, although he cannot bear criticism and can be quite wasteful. On the emotional side, you need to feel free.

Sagittarius TODAY

Don`t be afraid to approach all of the nitty-gritty details you`ve been putting off lately, Sagittarius. The Stars are getting ready to play musical chairs, and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Legal documents, footnotes and manuals aren`t as daunting as usual. Look for the logic behind the difficult language, and it will begin to make sense. Studying can only put you ahead of the game. Make sure you look up all of the legal vocabulary you aren`t familiar with and consult with a professional before you sign on the dotted line.

Sagittarius YESTERDAY

As the Stars change their position, you feel the massive pull of some powerful forces. Deep and wonderful patterns become obvious to you. Powerful insights allow you to make great decisions. This is the perfect time to get off the fence regarding an important issue you`ve been neglecting. Not dealing with it is actually a way of dealing with it in a roundabout way. Sometimes doing things the easy way isn`t much better than not doing them at all.

Sagittarius TOMORROW

Someone might be testing you by throwing a radically different opinion in your face. With your passionate convictions, you may rise to the bait. This is a good time to know when to say enough is enough. The sooner you figure out that it`s only a test, the sooner you can learn from the experience. Do your best not to be influenced by someone who has an extremely negative point of view. Remember that words are not as final as actions. You know where the point of no return is, so be careful not to pass it.

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