• Date: Scorpio 10/23 - 11/20
  • Characteristics: Mysterious and contradictory, a water sign under the dominance of Mars and Pluto, it has a passionate and sensual character that is very attractive. In general, he is very intelligent, which makes him versatile to achieve his sometimes unclear goals. His will is iron, very vitalistic and with strong sexuality, he is never indifferent either in love or at work.

Scorpio TODAY

These days, you`re better at planning than leading. As the power behind the throne, many of the great decisions are written in your hand, even if not proclaimed in your voice. Give yourself permission to be content right now. Don`t worry about getting the credit -- someone important is watching and knows exactly what you`re capable of, even if you don`t get top billing. Your talents can`t be stopped from shining despite your place in the background. Your karmic resume is in excellent shape.


Be very careful when dealing with financial matters today, Scorpio. Just because it glitters doesn`t mean that it`s gold. It`s in your best interest to be wary of persuasive people with lots of glib ideas but no facts. Someone with no visible agenda challenges you to open your mind, but don`t feel obligated to do so until you`ve done your homework. Doing some simple research will let you know whether or not this is a legitimate prospect.


Why is it that so few people are able to live up to your expectations right now? Today you must face the realization that others may not be as reliable as you had hoped. If unprepared to go off on your own, be more cautious about the allies you choose this time. Look at things from a different side. Seeing things from the other person`s vantage point may help you be less critical. Tonight, expect a sweet surprise from the Valentine of your choice.

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