• Date: Taurus 04/21 - 05/20
  • Characteristics: He likes the concrete and enjoys material goods, luxury and what is related to the earthly; it is rational and somewhat materialistic. He is usually calm and patient, he knows how to wait for the right moment for his goals. As a good land sign, he is very attached to nature and values ​​home and family. Sometimes he is very conformist and can be abrupt, something that surprises those around him.

Taurus TODAY

You are about to break all the rules, Taurus. The rigid old definitions may no longer apply in quite the same way. Dare to be creative in your interpretations, but try not to step on anyone`s toes in the process. You can reject a lousy idea and still leave whoever proposed it feeling good about themselves. Remember that there is a big difference between constructive criticism and harshness. Use tact when dealing with everyone today, especially younger people or those who have less self-confidence than you.


A superior attitude about a stroke of good luck will not play well with the working stiffs in your life. If you think you`re going places, double-check the departure time. The worst thing you can do right now is get ahead of yourself, Taurus. Remember your humble beginnings before you get ready to speak. Be sure not to burn any bridges that you may have to cross when you come back this way! Tonight you may have to do something unexpected in order to please a family member.


You can`t help but feel like you`re talking into thin air today. Remember that you can say what needs to be said, but it is best received by those who are ready to hear it. Be charming and congenial to people you don`t trust, but keep your eyes open for something that seems amiss. In regards to business issues, avoid signing legal documents or entering into agreements before you have all of the facts. Ask for an extra day or so to read the fine print.

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