• Date: Virgo 08/24 - 09/23
  • Characteristics: Thoughtful, practical and orderly, he is passionate about the established and thinks well about every step he takes. An earth sign, and a hard worker, he is able to carry out large companies because of his detailed and schematic mind, which sometimes leads him to a certain obsession. He always has a kind word for anyone and in love his heart and mind conflict too often.


You know you`ve done a great job, Virgo, but there`s no sense in running around telling everyone about it. Humility only enhances your other excellent qualities. You can be just as worthy of some great reward without bragging about it. Tonight is a time to spend reflecting on the past day`s events. Think about what you can learn from your experiences. Although it may unavoidable, you may find yourself spending time with a large group of people. However, what you`d like more than anything is to be left in peace with that special someone.


Your responsibilities are calling to you, Virgo, so don`t put them off any longer. It`s amazing that you`ve managed to get this far without any major complications. You must take care of business today, no matter how distasteful. If a stack of unpaid bills threatens to fall on top of you, take a break and do errands. On close viewing, big obstacles become a collection of small hurdles. It`s in your best interest to take care of them now before they become insurmountable. Tonight, go out and get some exercise.


This isn`t the best day to have lengthy discussions with anyone. Anything you say might just confuse the situation further. The path is rocky for communications, whether on the computer network or in an intimate personal discussion. Understand your own motivations and do your best to explain them in simple terms. Doing your best in the face of overwhelming odds is what makes you a success.

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