• Date: Aquarius 01/21 - 02/19
  • Characteristics: His spirit is powerful, he knows how to see into the future with intellectual and spiritual freedom and he has a great imagination. Air sign, dominated by Saturn and Uranus, is sometimes somewhat melancholic and falls fascinated by the mysterious, which makes it impractical. He is altruistic and likes to try any kind of innovation. Affectively it is captivating, but it does not support monotony.

Aquarius TODAY

You did not think you would ever reach the front of the line, but now it is finally your turn. Even if you have not been planning for this, you know exactly what to do about it now that it is happened. Keep in mind that discovery is closely related to ownership, Aquarius. Hold your pockets open and let the wealth come pouring in. You might not have worked as hard as everyone else, but that does not mean you dont deserve any of the profits.


You are rethinking matters. A recent suggestion put to you by your sweetheart/mate as well as an old and valued friend, plays around in your mind. Some of you seriously consider a change of residence to another country, and discuss this in all seriousness with your sweetheart/mate. Health is good.


Just when you were beginning to think that they would never go away, your problems begin to recede. You owe someone a great debt of gratitude for letting you off the hook, but there is no time to waste -- you can thank them for it later. With confidence restored, you can now go back to the business of carving out your niche. The world is more accommodating this time around, but that does not give your permission to keep committing the same mistakes over and over again.

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