• Date: Aries 03/21 - 04/20
  • Characteristics: If something stands out from these natives it is their impulsiveness, not in vain they are a sign of fire, dominated by Mars, and their nature is fiery and dynamic. He does not usually wait for events, he rushes over them and of course, he is impatient, which often leads him to make decisions too quickly. He is optimistic and sincere and values ​​friendship as a sacred good.


You have much better things to do than to worry about why others are not taking what you have to offer. Dont waste your magic on people who wont be moved by it. Right now, you are quieter and more reflective than usual. Checks and sales slips signed today might soon take on a life of their own. Be very careful with anything of importance. Keeping track of where something is now could save you from having to scramble to find it later.


It took you years to become an expert on one particular topic, but it is in your best interest not to narrow your focus too much, Aries. All types of specialists must learn to think outside the box. Computers teach a lesson that has little to do with educational software. The rules may be inflexible, but you can be extremely creative once you understand them. Save the beginning of a new project for another day.


You might think that you are being subtle, but in reality you are coming on way too strong, Aries. If you want to be able to communicate with people better, you need to change your style of interacting with them. Although you are still in charge, you dont want to offend future allies. Exuberance is fine unless it leads to a careless or thoughtless mistake. There is a way for you to keep your enthusiasm without making everyone else feel as though they dont have enough.

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