• Date: Cancer 06/22 - 07/22
  • Characteristics: He is the strangest of all the zodiac and sometimes appears as very sentimental and at other times as an inaccessible character who lives in his own world. As a water sign, it has an unusual intuition and imagination. Sometimes he is very naive, but he always firmly believes in the goodness of people. In love, you need protection and feel safe.

Cancer TODAY

Good energy surrounds you from the moment your head lifts from the pillow this morning. You are one step ahead of everyone else -- including yourself. Your power ebbs before you are ready, but it wont take long for you to catch up to it. The Moon ensures that you land on your feet, ready to run. Someone is eager to reclaim the thing that he or she believes you are stealing. Of course you are innocent, but who will believe it now? When you think about it, it really does not matter.


The Moon gives you the gift of a golden tongue. You have the unique power to insult someone and still make it sound like a compliment, Cancer. Most people are willing to accept the gauntlets that you throw down, no matter how hard you do so. You may not even know your own secret, but you have full use of all of its powers. If you have wanted something for a long time, this is the day to take it.


You need to stop what you are doing and take time to really think things through. By following every one of your little whims, you will surely trample someone else is agenda. Arrive promptly at meetings and parties, and be sure to announce your presence to the people who are not paying attention. Punctuality isnt the beginning and end of the world, but it will certainly ease your passage. Try not to react to someone who is only trying to get a negative response out of you.

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