• Date: Capricorn 12/22 - 01/20
  • Characteristics: He is one of the most disciplined of the zodiac and applies it to everything that surrounds his life. It is an earth sign, dominated by Saturn that makes him be a constructor and reflective. Usually he is very realistic and achieves success by his tenacity. Too introspective, it is difficult for him to express his emotions and his feelings and nobody penetrates his intimacy. You have a high sense of duty.

Capricorn TODAY

Whether or not it shows, you have a lot of creativity flowing though those veins. There is a unique personality behind those analytical powers, and it is time to show everyone else your sensitive side. Show your associates a glimpse of the face that you wear in your hours off the clock. This time, choose the brighter colors from your wardrobe. The only thing worse than losing is not showing up to play at all. It is time to see and be seen, Capricorn.


Although it might start out a bit on the slow wide, it sounds as if your day will end on a rising note. You are familiar with these conditions as a new energy bounce puts you back on top. You consider it your duty to save the underdogs from the intruders, and you are good at it. If it plays out like you think it will, this scenario has the potential to work for everyone involved. Instead of buying all new materials, improvise with what you already have on hand.

Capricorn TOMORROW

What were you so worried about? The uncomfortable flames that frightened you earlier are now beginning to burn down into useful coals. It is time to remove your pot from the kiln and see how it held up under fire. Without this kind of forced change, Capricorns life would be much less interesting. You have no need for people whose only purpose in life is to judge others. Let them criticize someone elses work -- you are not interested in their so-called constructive criticism.

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