• Date: Gemini 05/21 - 06/22
  • Characteristics: Air sign, the most dual of the zodiac, with a true double personality full of often mysterious contrasts. Due to this duality, he often suffers from indecision and insecurity. It is difficult for him to concentrate on a single task and it is very contradictory in his reactions, but he is able to attend to many questions at the same time and has an exceptional gift to communicate as well as to adapt to circumstances.

Gemini TODAY

Your perspective is a bit off, Gemini. If everything looks blurry, maybe it is because you are moving too fast. This kind of sustained intensity cant be comfortable, and you probably wont be able to keep it up for very much longer. Amazing things happen when you stop trying to control every aspect of your world. Give in to someone who thinks they know it all. If you can prove you were right from the beginning, your life will be all the more sweet.


You need to slow yourself down to a run, Gemini. This is one time when your natural speed can be a real disadvantage -- especially if you jumped the gun when the race started. Try not to get frustrated with other people who are not able to keep up with you. You might have to repeat yourself to those who misheard or were not paying attention. It might be a good idea to save those creative shortcuts for a project that does not matter as much.


There are no strangers in your presence today. It would appear that someone else knows exactly what you need before you even ask them for it. Gemini cant help but be amazed by the sales pitch that targets his or her needs so accurately. Maybe you are less of an oddity than you thought. Honor the people that helped make your life what it is today. You know that without them, you might be in a very different place right now.

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