• Date: Leo 07/23 - 08/23
  • Characteristics: His personality is simply overwhelming. Ruled by the sun, he possesses a force that drives others to move and always wants to shine and dominate. And this, which is a quality, often becomes a defect because it can be quite dominant and uncompromising. However, he does not know revenge, he is generous materially and personally and he is the best boss for a team.


There is no way around it -- for some reason, you are guilty by association. Whether you are hanging out with the wrong people, or standing by a suspicious-looking object, people think you are responsible. Others will be irritated whether or not you have anything to do with it, so you might as well have some fun while you are at it. If you have to be involved, do so as a force of love and brightness. Take advantage of the evening and relax at every opportunity.


The Lion begins the day in a frustrating place. You are close enough to see the problem, but cant quite reach far enough to correct it. The better informed you are, the more impatient you become. The more questions you ask, the more disappointed you become with the answers. Be careful what advice you reject, Leo. When all is said and done, the missing piece might end up in the garbage if you are not careful. Remember, you ultimately control what happens here.


What good are experiences -- both good and bad -- if you cant learn something from them? The Lion has an adventurous spirit, and you are more than willing to try something new. Although you are pretty sure of yourself, your ego is totally flexible at the moment. Friends and associates welcome your open mind at least as much as they value your ideas. When you are in this kind of accepting mood, you are able to brighten a room without actually turning on the lights.

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