• Date: Libra 09/24 - 10/22
  • Characteristics: Serene and calm, he always maintains the balance between what is possible and his dreams, although he fights for them. Air sign, dominated by Venus, his character is strong and he does not rush to commit himself to anything or anyone if he does not see it clearly, which leads him to avoid unpleasant situations whatever they may be. He is usually nice and sociable and sensitive to art.


If you want to get anything done, you are going to have to work extra hard. At the moment, your light is small against the forces of darkness. If you are willing to work for the common good, you will find an appropriate use for your skills in the near future. Soon these clouds of confusion will roll back from the landscape that they now cover, but it is not soon enough for you. Dont fret about things you cant change.


There may be some unavoidable misunderstandings today. A truce begins to turn stale with no visible progress toward a resolution. Little things begin to add up again. You may have to look the other way regarding little things if you want this relationship to work out. Keep your head down and focus on the positive. Take a deep breath and give your partner the benefit of the doubt. The keyword of the day is flexibility. Dont get too upset if things dont go your way. Take some time out to notice the beauty of your surroundings. Visit a museum or buy yourself a bouquet of flowers.


You cant help but be torn between two very different solutions to a challenging situation. Although you struggle to remain objective, your tender side is more likely to influence a practical decision than vice versa. Two separate motivations and approaches both come close to the root of the problem, but you still must choose. A mutual thirst for resolution leads adversaries to buy each other a drink. Making this a group decision could help take a lot of the pressure off of you.

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