• Date: Pisces 02/20 - 03/20
  • Characteristics: He is an excellent friend willing to help and do favors. He is sensitive, kind and intuitive and is usually correct in his judgments. They are affectionate and almost always sincere and peaceful. Water sign, dominated by Jupiter and Neptune, struggles too much with himself and has a tendency to loneliness. Live a very spiritual world and in love is usually very romantic and sentimental.

Pisces TODAY

Give yourself a break. You did not think it was possible, but you are actually beginning to dislike all of the attention that is focused on you. Even the best performer needs a rest while the audience calls for more. Through this exciting yet trying experience, you are able to learn something new about what it means to serve. Despite what the critics say, you know that your best work comes from the places inside you that are still uncomfortable to visit.


You brought this on yourself, Pisces. Now that you have attracted so much attention, it is hard to blame others for being curious about what is going on in your life. Personal symbols and favorite illusions may not hold up well under scrutiny, so think about what you are going to say very carefully before you say it. Your sense of self remains strong no matter what, but it might be hard to convince others that your intentions are as pure as you know them to be.


What are you waiting for, Pisces? The Universe dictates that you must use your magic while it is still fresh. Amaze friends and lovers before they remember having seen or heard this one somewhere else. You are no slave to fashion, but you can appreciate why others might be. Experiment with a new look, or buy a decorative piece for your house that you normally would not splurge on. Be careful, though -- pursuing all things that are beautiful could really start to become an expensive habit.

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