• Date: Sagittarius 11/21 - 12/21
  • Characteristics: He is a born adventurer who always looks ahead and has a dual nature that leads him to be highly evolved at times and very primitive at other times. Fire sign, dominated by Jupiter, does not like injustices or kinks. He is communicative, light-hearted and expansive, although he cannot bear criticism and can be quite wasteful. On the emotional side, you need to feel free.

Sagittarius TODAY

You are having a hard time getting into the swing of things, but you are not out of the game entirely. Current limits bring a good perspective on past and future riches. Take the longer view to defuse short tempers. Make sure that everyone sees his or her value in the new story that is being written on the wall. You might not be a major player, but there is nothing wrong with a bit part, either -- in fact, it fits your mood rather well at the moment.

Sagittarius YESTERDAY

The only thing on your mind is being Number 1. While not entirely powerless, Sagittarius is a lot further down the ladder than he or she wants to be. When making important decisions, take the time to listen to the voice of reason. Putting too much importance on a gut reaction will only get you into trouble at this point. Taking other peoples advice is not out of the question, but make sure that you fully understand a metaphor before applying it to your own life.

Sagittarius TOMORROW

Spontaneity is you best friend. You have an intense desire to live in the moment, and you are not about to let anyone get in your way of doing so. You are here, you are now and you are not waiting much longer for anyone else to catch up. Right now Sagittarius is a heartbreaking rascal that only wants everyone to be as happy as you are. Even if you dont succeed in this, you will still have the opportunity to please yourself in the attempt.

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