• Date: Scorpio 10/23 - 11/20
  • Characteristics: Mysterious and contradictory, a water sign under the dominance of Mars and Pluto, it has a passionate and sensual character that is very attractive. In general, he is very intelligent, which makes him versatile to achieve his sometimes unclear goals. His will is iron, very vitalistic and with strong sexuality, he is never indifferent either in love or at work.

Scorpio TODAY

All of the battles have been fought, and you emerge as the triumphant winner. Scorpio has never been more ready for the treat that the Moons current Sign brings with it today. All the right people notice and fall in love as you do what delights you. What looks like a performance is really a way of life, but you dont have to let anyone else know it. Jealousy could be a factor, but you are used to being the envy of all.


You are on quite a roll. No one can stop you, and few would even consider trying. At the height of your power, you carry a clear memory of what it was like to be powerless. Reach down and let someone climb your enchanted ladder. Your creativity provides you with the skills and resources to do whatever you want to do. Start with the fun things and work your way up from there. Being right is not nearly as good as being interesting.


Wait your turn. The last thing you want to do is get into a conflict with the people who are waiting for the exact same thing as you are, especially since you will probably be working or playing with them once it all begins. It would be a real shame to start a new round when the fight is winding down on its own. A troublesome influence packs its bags to leave. By late afternoon, you will have license to cut loose and shine.

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