• Date: Taurus 04/21 - 05/20
  • Characteristics: He likes the concrete and enjoys material goods, luxury and what is related to the earthly; it is rational and somewhat materialistic. He is usually calm and patient, he knows how to wait for the right moment for his goals. As a good land sign, he is very attached to nature and values ​​home and family. Sometimes he is very conformist and can be abrupt, something that surprises those around him.

Taurus TODAY

You can try it alone, but you probably wont be able to do it all yourself. Give your ego a break and request or accept something that is desperately needed. Whereas it might have been taboo before, suspicious parties now have cosmic permission to become friends. When the Moon is in its current Sign, the normal rules are little more than an inconvenience. This is your big chance to do something that you never would have dreamed of doing yesterday -- go for it!


Pay attention to the little details -- even the ones that are not important to anyone else but you right now. The soundtrack just may be the most important part of this movie, Taurus. Try to keep in mind that it is the squeaky wheel that gets the most oil. Announce your intentions and describe your actions to everyone who is willing to listen. The Moons current Sign will support you if you set your events in motion today. Success waits for no one.


Other people might be struggling to keep cool, but you are perfectly comfortable as the Moon turns up the heat. This is a good time to consolidate your advantage while others are swept up in needless panic. Whatever you do, make sure you leave financial matters to the experts. When it comes to your money, it is best left in the hands of people who know what they are doing.

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